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Medical Technology Careers

medical technology careers

Medical Technology is growing at a fast rate and the number of technicians needed across the world is constantly growing. Luckily, people are responding to this calling and pursuing careers in medical field in a large number. The term medical technician is often understood too broadly, as a term that labels a person who helps and assists a more qualified colleague. However, medical technology includes a variety of jobs and directions in which one can go, from dental assistants to sonographer technician.

Many of these jobs have a lot in common. In any field of medical technology, the technician works either directly with the patients or in a laboratory, which is why medical technology is also known as laboratory science. Medical technicians usually occupy the lower role in the medical staff. However, that doesn’t mean they are of any less importance. Without medical technicians, any medical team would simply collapse. While medical technicians have a variety of duties and tasks to complete, they are not allowed to take part in more complex procedures or surgical operations. 

To become a medical technician of any kind, one first must have a bachelor’s degree in the medical field. Depending on the specific occupation, the requirements and duties of the technician will vary. Some positions require additional training and education. Furthermore, medical technology is a great place to start if you want to pursue one of the higher ranked careers in medical field. Some people choose medical technology as their permanent calling simply because they enjoy helping those in need. However, it definitely does not have to be a permanent position, as you can always move up if you show the right skills and predispositions.

To help you get a better understanding of the variety of jobs available under the term medical technology, we’ve created brief descriptions that include the role of the technician, their duties, required education and qualifications as well as median yearly salary. Without further ado, let’s check out the best careers in medical field!


Radiology Technologymedical tech careers

Radiology technicians, commonly known as radiographers or x ray technicians, are in charge of imaging human anatomy through the use of advanced x ray machines. Radiology Technicians operate  x ray machines in order to create images that are further sent for diagnosis or treatment. The average yearly salary of a radiographer equals to around $57,000, which is pretty amazing, considering the fact that their job is much easier than that of a nurse. However, the reason why they get paid more is because they are risking their own health to help others by being constantly exposed to harmful x rays. In terms of radiology tech requirements, to become an x ray technician you need  a specific professional traning or degree.


Veterinarian Tech

Vet techs are also called paraveterinary workers, even though it is much easier to simply call them vet techs. A veterinarian technician is a person who assists a veterinary physician, that is, a fully qualified doctor. They help the veterinarian in performing various tasks, depending on their ability and qualifications. What falls under a vet tech’s duties are different animal health procedures, even though their tasks are limited to minor operations and they cannot perform any major surgical operations on their own. Therefore, a day in a life of a vet tech can include everything from keeping the pets company and cleaning them to helping the doctor perform more complex tasks. The average salary of a vet tech is around $32,000 per year. To pursue this career, you will need practical experience and formalized vet tech training alongside your degree.


Surgical Assistant

As the title itself suggests, a surgical assistant is a person who assists the doctors during a surgery or other complex procedure. They perform tasks under the supervision of the doctor and they cannot operate without the doctor’s permission. Therefore, a surgical assistant is not necessarily a qualified doctor but rather an assistant who possesses more advanced skills and abilities to perform certain surgical procedures under strict supervision. The average salary of a surgical assistant equals to $45,000 per year. To become one, you will need a degree in medical field as well as prior medical training and experience.


Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are commonly mistaken for dental technicians. However, these are not the same. A dental technician has different duties and they are more qualified and experienced than the dental assistants. The assistants, on the other hand, help the doctor, that is, the dentist perform different dental procedures and treatments. Their tasks include preparing the patient for the procedure, explaining what is going to be done, assisting the doctor by passing instruments and doing minor tasks in the ordination. Becoming a dental assistant is quite easy and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Many colleges offer formal education in this field but you can also look for faster programs or distant learning programs that can get you the certificate quicker. An average yearly salary of a dental assistant equals to 43 690$.



Phlebotomist is the person you go to when you need to do blood test. They perform phlebotomy, that is, the procedure, of drawing blood from the patient, usually through a vein using a thin needle. The reason why you may not have heard of this term is because not all countries have people who are specialized specifically in phlebotomy. In many countries doctors and nurses are the ones performing this duty. However, in those areas where a phlebotomist would get a job, their tasks would include preparing the patient for the blood taking, completing the procedure and sending the blood samples for further analysis. There is no specific training or education required for this role, as everything is explained on the job. A person with a degree in the medical field could take up this job with as little as half an hour of training. The salary of a phlebotomist goes around 25 000$ per year.


Medical Assistantmedical tech careers

An average yearly salary of a medical assistant equals to 33 000$. As a member or the clinic staff, a medical assistant is a health professional like any other. Their tasks include completing routine procedures and administration processes. A medical assistant takes care of patients’ records in the clinic, does basic checkups, measures the vital signs of the patient and collects bodily fluids for testing. To become a medical assistant, you need to be certified through a specific program in college. Additional training is not required, unless you’re planning on moving up to higher positions.


Sonographer Tech

A sonographer tech is more commonly known as an ultrasound technician. This medical technology career implies the operating of advanced ultrasound equipment that records images of different body types for diagnosis and tracking of the progress of the treatment. An ultrasound technician examines different body types, from the abdomen to the spinal cord. Their tasks include interacting and communicating with the patient, preparing them for the ultrasound testing and recognizing normal and abnormal images on the ultrasound results. The results from the ultrasound testing are usually taken to a doctor to determine a diagnose, however, a sonographer tech needs to be able to decide whether the patient needs further medical attention. The average yearly salary of an ultrasound technician equals to around 70 000$. To become a sonographer tech, you need to undergo advanced training at the diagnostic medical sonography associate’s degree program. This program includes a lot of practical training in order to gain the necessary experience.


CNA Certified Nurse Assistant 

Last but not the least is the occupation of the certified nurse assistant. A certified nurse assistant has the job of helping those in need of health care either in a hospital, clinic or house visits. A nurse assistants performs tasks under the supervision of the nurse. They assist the patient in daily living or in dealing with a difficult illness. The duty of a certified nurse assistant depends on the patient needs but it always includes the general care of the patients. An average yearly salary of a certified nurse assistant goes from $20,000 - $30,000. In order to become a nurse assistant, one needs a high school diploma or a GED and nursing assistant training. You can get this type of training in numerous programs outside the traditional educational system. However, this doesn’t have to be a permanent position either, as it is a good place to start and work on moving your career higher.


Those were eight out of many careers in medical field that can be taken up after shorter training or educational program. If you’re considering taking up a medical technology job, you should think about where that could lead you in the future. It is always good to have an open mind regarding improvements and career upgrades. We hope you’re now more familiar with what each of these assistants or technicians do in their daily life!