Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistant

Certified medical assistants are very sought after members of medical teams. A certified medical assistant can work in a variety of health centers, including hospitals, clinics and private care centers. Their job is focusing on primary care of patients and people unable to take care of themselves. Becoming certified with the proper medical training will allow you to have a rewarding career in the medical profession.

Therefore, the primary task of a certified medical assistant or CMA is to work with the patients, assist the doctor when necessary and prepare patients for different medical procedures. As far as assisting a doctor goes, medical assistant’s duties are somewhat restricted. They are allowed to provide assistance in minor medical operations under the supervision of a doctor. 

What they can do on their own is perform routine tasks such as preparing the patient for a procedure, explaining them the way things will go and helping them cope with their situation. However, a certified clinical medical assistant has duties other than the work with patients.

Those duties include more administrative work in the office, completing routine tasks such as getting the paperwork done and making sure everything in the office runs smoothly. Their job description may also include answering the office phone, filling out medical records and other paperwork, updating old medical records, scheduling appointments, greeting patients and helping them settle down, as well as handling the billing. 

In some cases, a certified medical assistant will also deal with basic lab tests and perform the simplest examination. However, for your job description to include these tasks you need to have the official medical assistant certification. In order to be able to take up this job position, one must have skills such as communication and patience, the ability to multitask and find solutions quickly, and the ability to prioritize tasks properly and stay organized during busy work hours.


Medical Assistant Programs

If you’re interested in this job position, you’re probably wondering what do you need to become a medical assistant. As with any career, and especially a medical one, those who graduate at medical assistant school and complete formal programs will have advantages over those who don’t undergo that level of education.

If you want to secure a job position in the future and allow yourself to advance in your career and get a better salary, it is best to follow the traditional educational path. This includes firstly obtaining an associate’s degree and later applying for additional certification.

The traditional college education does take more time but it will prepare you for the future job duties much more thoroughly. Besides, those who have an associate’s degree backing up their certification have much larger chances of getting hired. You can enroll in medical assistant programs in different educational facilities related to medicine, just make sure the school you choose is accredited so you can later take the CMA, or the Certified Medical Assistant Exam.

Certified Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Certification Test

While it is possible to get hired with an associate’s degree only, it is best for you to become a certified medical assistant because that will not only increase your chances of getting hired but it will also get you a better salary and the possibility to advance in your career. The medical assistant certification is going to get you hired much faster in goo medical facilities.

On the other hand, it is possible to get hired without the associate degree as well but the to maximize your chances of success it is best to obtain both the degree and the certification! Therefore, it is recommended to complete a medical assistant program and get the degree before you take the Certified Medical Assistant Exam or the CMA. It will bring you a lot more benefits than just completing a medical assistant course.

However, your education doesn’t end there either! If you choose the medical assistant career, you will be learning consistently throughout your work. When you first get hired, you will go through medical training provided by the other staff members through practical work. This depends on the facility you get hired in but in most cases new employees need to go through some type of training before being allowed to work on their own. 


Medical Assistant Salary

If you’re wondering how much medical assistants make per year, the average number is 31 540$. While this is not the best salary in the medical field, the good news is that there is room for advancement in this career. That means you can increase your salary and become a higher paid medical assistant if you perform well and have the right skills and specializations.

The specialized skills will provide you better job opportunities and raises. Meaning the better you perform, the higher are the chances your salary will go up. Besides the skills we already mentioned, such as communication, organization and multitasking, one must possess the necessary knowledge related to technology. Working as a medical assistant will include working with different medical devices and computers as well so make sure you have the necessary knowledge in that field.


Why become a Certified Medical Assistant?

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to undergo the educational programs for becoming a CMA. The primary reason is the fact that you will be helping people who need help the most. Working in the medical field is a very noble vocation and it requires a lot of heart and patience. At the end of the day, you will go home knowing you helped ease someone’s pain or cure their illness.

Another reason why the medical assistant career is a good choice if you’re interested in the medical field is because there is a lot of room for improvement and promotions. Besides, we are talking about a very positive job outlook here, as medical assistants are expected to become even higher in demand. It is expected that the employment in this field is going to grow rapidly in the next few months, let alone years. 


Final Thoughts on the CMA Career

All together, if you’re aiming for this job position, keep in mind that it is best for you to get the proper education through medical assistant programs and obtain an associate’s degree first. Only then you should aim for the medical assistant certification. A lot of people are discouraged by the fact that obtaining a degree takes a few years but once you go through with it you will get much better results.

The combination of an associate’s degree in the medical field and the medical assistant certification is guaranteed to get you hired very fast, especially in the future when the employment is expected to rise. Also keep in mind the skills needed for handling this job position. Make sure you have the right knowledge on computers and medical devices as well. If you’re not too confident about your knowledge related to technology, you can always take a short course to get more familiar with the equipment and prepare yourself for the work.

Besides, upon getting hired your new colleagues will probably provide you with some sort of medical training. Practical training will give you the experience you need in order to advance in this job position. Don’t forget that being a medical assistant doesn’t only mean assisting the doctor in different medical operations. It also includes office work such as handling the papers, updating and storing records, answering phones, etc. 

The part of the job you need to have most patience in is working with the patient. One must know how to communicate with a patient to explain them what the procedures are about and help them cope with their illnesses and situations. Knowing how to communicate is the key here! Overall, a medical assistance job is a very noble vocation and if you feel like it is the right thing for you, you should definitely enroll in a medical assistant program and get started on the educational journey!